Al Manar Eastern Factory

Steel Wire Rope End Terminations (crosby)

  Forged Wire Rope Clip APPLICATION AND INFORMATION • Each base has a Product Identification Code (PIC) for material traceability, the name Crosby or CG, and a size forged into […]

Shackles (crosby)

• Capacities 1/3 thru 55 metric tons. • Forged-Quenched and Tempered, with alloy pins. • Working load limit permanently shown on every shackle. • Hot dip galvanized or self colored. […]

Hooks & Links (crosby)

Hooks are used in lifting systems as a connection between the load to be lifted and the wire rope or chain slings. There are different types of hooks with their […]

Precast Transport Accessories

  Lifting Loop Lifting loops are compatible with all precast transport anchors. The wire rope is made of a special zinc solid steel wire rope and the thread is made […]

Connecting Link – A336

• Forged alloy steel – quenched and Tempered. • Individually proof tested at 2-1/2 times the working load limit with certification. • Easy to assembly.

Load Binders

Standard ratchet type load binders (L-140) • Upgraded for use with Grades70, 80 and 100 chains. • Utilizes standard Crosby A-323 Alloy eye grab hooks. • New design ΄΄one piece΄΄ […]

Shoulder Type Machinery Eye Bolts

• Forged steel – quenched &tempered. • Working load limits shown are for in – line pull. • Fatigue rated at 1-1/2 times the working load limit at 20,000cycles. • […]

Turn Buckles

HOOK& HOOK TURNBUCKLES • End fittings are Quenched and tempered or normalized, bodies heat treated by normalizing. • Hot dip galvanized steel. • Hooks are forged with a greater cross […]

Anchor Chain Accessories

Test Load of Anchor Chains & Fittings