Al Manar Eastern Factory

Snatch Blocks

Blocks are used in lifting systems, to change load direction or to drag a load. Together with the wire rope, blocks are the connection between the load to be lifted […]

Commercial Snatch Blocks

i. Single Wheel Hook Type Snatch Block (Commercial Type) ii. Double Wheel Hook Type Snatch Block (Commercial Type) iii. Triple Wheel Hook Type Snatch Block (Commercial Type)

Manual Chain Hoist

Chain Hoist Characteristics Capacity ranges from 0.5t to 30t Automatic double pawl braking system. Double cover protection. Light weight robust construction Low effort to fit maximum load Extra thick asbestos […]

Beam Clamps

JG Series Beam Clamp JBC Seiries Beam Clamp

Beam Trolley

GCT619 Series Plain Trolley GCL 619 Series Geared Trolley GCT 620 Series Plain Trolley GCL 620 Series Geared Trolley

Plate & Pipe Lifting Clamp

ECD Vertical Lifting Clamps (DSQ Model) Suitable for the lifting and vertical transfer of single steel plate and H beam it may be used – handedly or pairs of clamp […]

Hand Winch / Puller

QSS Series Hand Puller Hand Winch (with steel wire rope or color belt)


Wire Grip Bolt Type SD Model Wire Grip TH Model Ratchet Puller Thg Model Ratchet Puller With Wire Grip

Magnet Lifter/ Wire Rope Winch

Permanent Magnet Lifter Wire Rope Winch Drum Lifter Wire Rope Cutter