1Al Manar Eastern Factory manufacture and supply a comprehensive range of Steel wire rope slings with end fittings in accordance with BS EN and ASME B 30.9 standards. Used as single leg or multi leg slings with appropriate end fittings, Wire rope slings cover all general lifting applications. Wire rope slings are often used in industries because of its strength, durability, abrasion resistance and ability to conform to the shape of the loads on which it is used. In addition, wire rope slings are able to lift hot materials. Wire rope slings are made from various grades of wire rope, but the most common grades in use are Extra Improved Plow Steel (EIPS) and Extra Extra Improved Plow Steel (EEIPS). When selecting a wire rope sling to give the best service, consider four characteristics: strength, ability to bend without distortion, ability to withstand abrasive wear, and ability to withstand abuse.

We manufacture and supply:

  • Steel wire rope sling from 6mm (1/4″) to 77mm (3″) by Flemish spliced soft/ Thimble eyes with steel ferrules (Both single leg and multi legs). Conforming BSEN 13414-1 & ASME B 30.9
  • Steel wire rope sling from 6mm (1/4″) to 77mm (3″) by Turn back loop soft/ Thimble eyes with Aluminium ferrules. (Both single leg and multi legs) Conforming BSEN 13414-1 & ASME B 30.9
  • Hand spliced steel wire rope sling, conforming BS EN 13414-2
  • Steel wire rope grommet sling, conforming BS EN 13414-2
  • Steel wire rope with spelter sockets & swage sockets conforming ASME B 30.9
  • Multipart steel wire rope sling, conforming ASME B 30.9


Cable Laid Endless Grommets


We are one among the leading manufacturers for heavy lifting slings and grommets. We provide a wide range heavy lifting slings and grommets to suit the various needs of the different companies. Cable laid slings and grommets are manufactured in accordance with the specifications in BS EN 13414-3. With years of experience in manufacturing field, our latest machinery and trained staff assures the product quality for your various heavy lift projects.

Multi part Steel Wire Rope Sling


Multi part steel wire rope sling provides the best combination of strength and flexibility. Multipart steel wire rope sling construction would take lesser time for the production. Multi part steel wire rope slings for big lifts that can easily be taken for lifting requirements for smaller lifts or storage
1)3Part Wire Rope Sling     2) 9 Part Wire Rope Sling     3) 27 Part Wire Rope Sling